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Below is a selection of our past Miniature Llama Herd Sires' Off-Springs for your enjoyment and knowledge
of the different colorations and gender that we have experienced over our past breeding program.


~~~  Our Present & Past Mini Llama Herd Sires  &  Photos Of Their Off-Springs  ~~~
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Little Ramone
Known For Sweet, Well Marked, Conformed, Small Crias...
<><><><><> Ramone's Off-Springs <><><><><>

Little Kool Jax

Little Rufus

Little Red Sport

Little Red Dude

Mr. Piccolo

Little Ringo

Little Red Whisper

Sara Bella

Little Red Flame

Pretty Girl Lucy

Little Lollipop Molly

Dolly Llama

Soda Pop Sally

M & W Miniature Llamas

Lana's Sweet Little Sparkles

Midnight Rocket Man
Show Quality, Soft Heavy Fiber, Confirmation, Gentle, Strong Presence....
<><><><><> Rocket Man's Off-Springs <><><><><>

Psychedelic Llama Boy

It's Rocket Thyme

Little Ghost Rider

Captain MidNight

Evening Breeze

Rocketman's Midnight Marvel

Little Oreo Chip MacTavish

Little Lana Llama

Little Specks-O-Rama Llama

Little Sunrise Creek Dancer

Little Autumn Thyme Rockette

Little Sunrise Creek Dancer

Annie's Crayola Creation

Little Miss Salt 'n Pepper

Little Spring Thyme

MLMW Little Red Sport
Soft Heavy Fiber, Classy, Leads Well, Etc....
<><><><><> Little Red Sport's Off-Spring <><><><><>

Little Durango

Little Honeysuckle Rose

Little Durango
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